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“The belief that in death, beauty could be found. The belief that through the act of preservation, a new kind of life was promised. Immortal, perfect, brilliant, in the face of the shifting and decaying world.” — The Taxidermist’s Daughter, Kate Mosse

Amanda, 22, artist. Creating, biking, the colour green, nature, books, autumn, sometimes winter. This is my personal blog. I do post thoughts and text.

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Hand painted patches



Seriously considering making hand painted VC patches and all that.. I know there was suppose to be patches going out a while ago.. I don’t know if any of you actually received them from said person.. Let me know if you’re interested?

This could be fun! I’d love to see your designs!

And…well, nobody ever got them, because the girl who was offering them turned out to be a scam artist with quite the record. We all lucked out because she said she would make and send them out all on her own expenses, but there were many other people who she got to pay out lots of money for materials for projects she never even started.

I’m still sore for that 20 bucks. Good times.


Turns out that dragons are real and they come from South Africa (Latin name ‘Smaug gigantaeus’)