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“The belief that in death, beauty could be found. The belief that through the act of preservation, a new kind of life was promised. Immortal, perfect, brilliant, in the face of the shifting and decaying world.” — The Taxidermist’s Daughter, Kate Mosse

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Cast Doubt Aside

So I found this earning money thing








It’s called feature points. And you literally get paid to test apps. I was super skeptical, but it’s not a scam, and so far seems to be working. I’ve heard some feedback from others too who seem to be enjoying it. You can get giftcards, apps, or just withdraw cash straight to your account.

As a new user, just use this link on your iphone or android to download the app straight from the featurepoints site, and follow the instructions when downloading apps. Most of them are just “complete this tutorial and remain in app for 2 minutes” Then you just check your point in the app to make sure you’ve gotten them, and you can delete it right away.

You can also get your first 50 points for free by adding the referral code A77X2X

Check it out and lemme know what you think.

I’m over $100 USD c: 

Go take a look!

Up to 150$ ^^

I seriously need to know if this is real.

100% real. 

At the risk of being really intrusive, but for the sake of trying to get my head around this: Have you actually received your payment from them yet?

I have. I withdraw 10$ USD at a time (6000 points) It goes into my account same day.





These are some screenshots of both my email, and my paypal.

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untitled by skippedheartbeats on Flickr.

Costa Rica - Wildlife - Moth by RosLol on Flickr.


Haha I found some batteries. This is all the stuff that was in the tubs and buckets. I am very tired. Actually there are two buck skulls and three antler caps off to the side of this picture, too. You can see the waterbuck on the right. It’s looking better but it’s still not done.

So many pretties

Bat Eared Fox (by Mark Dumont)

MorrighanBy David Gaillet